Understand the demand from both an inpatient and outpatient point-of-view.

Healthcare Apps

Market Analysis

Determine the attractiveness of a given geography with aerial maps, thematic maps, and a selection of 20+ reports highlighting demographic trends, segmentation data, consumer expenditure information, and business data. The app utilizes current and future looking data.
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Healthcare Snapshot

The app provides an overview of the healthcare landscape in your study area. This report identifies existing physicians and facilities as well as the estimated demand for healthcare related services.
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Healthcare Service Line Snapshot

This app provides the estimated number of visits by each physician specialty expected to originate from your trade area. There is also a benchmark comparing the number of visits per person for your trade area compared to the county and state to identify trade areas that are relatively stronger as compared to the surrounding areas. Thematic maps for total physician visits as well as each of the 17 physician specialties can be created to identify hot spots within your trade area.
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Healthcare Physician Specialty and Affiliation

This app provides a breakdown of physicians in your trade area by specialty as well as hospital and group affiliation.
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Healthcare Facilities Report

This app provides a snapshot of the Healthcare Facilities in your trade area. Including location and attributes of Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Long Term Care Hospitals and Dialysis Centers.
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Traffic App

Learn the traffic impact of your trade area(s) through visualization and analysis. The app utilizes Inrix AADT data.
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Rank Report

Prioritize geographies (city, DMA, CBSAs, etc.) for expansion based on user defined variable(s) and threshold(s). The app produces a report of the top 100 geographies.
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Mobility App

Quantify and visualize the number of individuals that are traveling to and from your trade area(s) with mobile data. The app uses Inrix mobile data which has access to 1billion+ daily mobile data points which equates to 7.7 billion annual trips.
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Patient Profile with Data

Gain extensive demographic and psychographic knowledge about your patients. Develop a patient profile based on your patient data. Answer the question of “Who is my patient?”
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Patient Profile without Data

Gain extensive demographic and psychographic knowledge about your patients. Develop a patient profile based on the dominant households in the selected geography even without patient data. Answer the question of “What type of patient should I be targeting?”
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Custom App

Don’t see an app here that meets your business needs? We can build you a customized app. Schedule a call with one of our sales representatives to learn more.
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