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Whether it is determining which tenant would be the best fit for your center or the draw of the type people who visits a location – eSite Real Estate Apps are customized to your business questions.

Real Estate Apps

Market Analysis

Determine the attractiveness of a given geography with aerial maps, thematic maps, and a selection of 20+ reports highlighting demographic trends, segmentation data, consumer expenditure information, and business data. The app utilizes current and future looking data.
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Retail Matching – Trade Area Match

Understand the best retailer(s) for a given site. The app matches the profile of the customers in the given trade area to retailer(s)/retail category(s) to identify the best retailer(s)/retail category(s) for the area.
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Retail Matching – Specific Retailer App

Determine if a specific retailer(s) is a good match for your site. The app studies the retailer(s) customer profile and compares it to the customer profile of your trade area.
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Competitor App

Understand the competitive presence for a geographic area. Visualize and study specific competitors or competitor categories.
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Site Package App

Collection of customized reports used to analyze a target site(s).
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Restaurant Trends App

Understand the competitive restaurant landscape in a given trade area. The app uses Restaurant Trends data. Restaurant Trends is the only continuous store-level research effort, tracking all major QSR (Quick Service) and FSR (Full Service) restaurant chains. Restaurant Trends has intelligence on over 190,000 stores in over 500 brands in every market in the United States.
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Business List App

Know which businesses are in your target area. Visualize and study businesses by SIC codes.
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Traffic App

Learn the traffic impact of your trade area(s) through visualization and analysis. The app utilizes Inrix AADT data.
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Mobility App

Quantify and visualize the number of individuals that are traveling to and from your trade area(s) with mobile data. The app uses Inrix mobile data which has access to 1billion+ daily mobile data points which equates to 7.7 billion annual trips.
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Custom App

Don’t see an app here that meets your business needs? We can build you a customized app. Schedule a call with one of our sales representatives to learn more.
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