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Determine the attractiveness of a given area

Input: Select a point on a map or input address(s), geography(s), or draw a polygon and define the trade area(s) in miles, kilometers, or minutes – define up to 5 trade areas around a point

Output: Aerial maps, thematic maps, 20+ reports Extremely user friendly and requires little to no training

  • Current and Forward-Looking Demographics
  • Demographic Trends
  • Consumer Survey
  • Consumer Expenditures
  • Psychographics
  • Retail Demand
  • Traffic Counts
  • Business Data
  • Age By Sex Comparison Report
  • Basic Demographic Comparison Chart
  • Business Comparison
  • Complete Demographic Comparison Report
  • Consumer Expenditure Comparison Report
  • Consumer Expenditure Apparel Detail Comparison
  • Consumer Expenditure Auto Transportation Detail Comparison
  • Consumer Expenditure Convenience Store Detail Comparison
  • Consumer Expenditure Electronic Detail Comparison
  • Consumer Expenditure Food Beverage Grocery Detail Comparison
  • Consumer Expenditure Furnishings Expenses Detail Comparison
  • Consumer Expenditure Healthcare Detail Comparison
  • Consumer Expenditure Shelter Utilities Detail Comparison
  • Daytime Population Comparison Report
  • Demographic Snapshot Charts Comparison
  • Demographic Snapshot Comparison Report
  • Demographic Snapshot Index Comparison
  • Demographic Trend Comparison
  • Hispanic Population Origin Comparison
  • Household Comparison Report
  • Housing Units Comparison Report
  • Income Comparison Report
  • Mature Market Comparison Report
  • Mosaic Comparison Report
  • Mosaic HH Cluster Comparison Report
  • Mosaic Household Comparison Report
  • Population Comparison Report
  • Simmons Apparel Comparison
  • Simmons Automotive Comparison
  • Simmons Beverages Alcoholic Comparison
  • Simmons Beverages Non alcoholic Comparison
  • Simmons Cable_TV_Radio Comparison
  • Simmons Cleaning Products Comparison
  • Simmons Computers Internet Comparison
  • Simmons Entertainment Leisure Dining Comparison
  • Simmons Financial Services Comparison
  • Simmons Food Products Comparison
  • Simmons Health and Beauty Comparison
  • Simmons Home Furnishings Comparison
  • Simmons Home Improvement Comparison
  • Simmons Household Products Comparison
  • Simmons Lawn Garden Comparison
  • Simmons Intermedia Comparison
  • Simmons Lifestyle Demogs Statements Comparison
  • Simmons Medicine Drugs Ailments Comparison
  • Simmons Pet Related Comparison
  • Simmons Telecom Comparison
  • Simmons Travel Comparison
  • Simmons Intermedia Comparison
  • US ACS Class of Worker Comparison
  • US ACS Geographic Mobility Comparison
  • US Census 2000 Employment Comparison
  • US Census 2000 Household Detail Comparison
  • US Census 2000 Housing Value Comparison
  • US Census 2000 Overview Comparison
  • US Census 2000 Population Comparison
  • US Census 2010 Ancestry Comparison
  • US Census 2010 Overview Comparison
  • US Census 2010 Population Comparison
  • US Census 2010 Race Ethnicity Comparison


  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Franchisors
  • Franchisees
  • Real Estate/Broker Organizations
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • City/County Governments
  • Universities
  • Non-Profit Organizations

User Roles:

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Real Estate Broker
  • C-Level
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

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