Patient Profile with Data App

$1,500/report or
Annual License Subscription – $2,500 – $7,500 with unlimited reporting + $1,000 one-time set-up fee


Gain extensive demographics and psychographic knowledge about your patients. Develop a patient profile based on your patient data. Answer the question of “who is my patient?”

Input: Patient file (Address, City, State, and Zip Required) – up to 100,000 records analyzed at a time

Output: Map with top 10 segment patient dots, summary of patient profile – including segment breakdown and detailed information on each segment

*Price is dependent on number of store locations and/or customer records – please contact us for a quote.

  • Experian – Mosaic Segmentation


  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Franchisors
  • Grocers
  • Healthcare Organizations

User Roles:

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Real Estate Broker
  • C-Level
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy

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